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The Design Pine primer contains a moisture management system which slows the rate of moisture uptake into a board but does not offer a moisture vapour-proof coating. When boards have been exposed to periods of either high humidity or rain while in the primed state, moisture may penetrate the wood fibre causing the board to expand or swell slightly. If this occurs it should be left unpainted to dry out until it returns to the original profiled size. E.g. Rusticated weatherboard is 185x18mm when produced, it may expand by 2-3mm if left exposed; an alternate method is to monitor the moisture content of the board until it returns to 8-14%. This will prevent unsightly lines occurring on the painted wall once the board normalises from the expanded state. Store boards in a dry well ventilated area, and prevention measures
should be used to minimise the impact of raising moisture from underneath the boards when stored.

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