Modwood Kleva Klip Hidden Fasteners

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568 X 60 133 X 23 BOARDS40
553 X 50 88 X 23 BOARDS40

Two things set the KlevaKlip system apart from its competitors:

  • KlevaKlip is Australia’s only multi-board, fixed-pitch decking system – the clip controls the spacing of the boards, with each clip simply butting up to the previous one. This makes our system quick and easy to use when compared to other systems in the market.
  • KlevaKlip does not try and sell a “one product fits all” approach. This simply doesn’t work. Although many of the principles of our clips are the same, the actual clips for fixing ModWood and Merbau/Kwila are specifically different.

KlevaKlip has been the only recommended concealed fixing system for ModWood composite decking for many years and has been used successfully on many, many thousands of ModWood decks. Approximately half the ModWood decks laid in Australia are done so with KlevaKlip – the other half being laid using traditional screws or nails.

For merbau/kwila decking, KlevaKlip merbau clip allows you to purchase and use decking boards “off the shelf” without the need for deep grooves in the sides of the boards which are not only expensive and time-consuming, they can in some cases affect the integrity of the side edges of the boards. Introduced in 2010, the merbau clip has been used on many thousands of decks across Australia.  

The KlevaKlip “ModWood clip” was developed in conjunction with the ModWood decking company. The “brief” from ModWood in approx 2006 was to make a concealed fixing system that worked well, allowed some degree of expansion and contraction of the board, was easy to use, and had the least possible adverse impact on the ModWood decking boards – meaning a requirement for no deep grooves or significant side penetrations into the boards.

Enter the KlevaKlip!

The KlevaKlip ModWood clip does all that was requested, and is ModWood’s preferred method of concealed fixing of their decking boards. Just as ModWood is far and away Australia’s No.1 composite decking board, KlevaKlip is far and away Australia’s No.1 brand of concealed fastening.

Of course not everyone wants concealed fixing for their decking boards – some people still like to see traditional

screws and nails holding down their boards. However, since the inception of Klevaklip back in 2006, many millions of KlevaKlip clips have been used to successfully fix down ModWood decking boards – considering each clip holds 4 boards (137mm wide) or 6 boards (88mm wide), that is an awful lot of decking boards being held down with KlevaKlip.


CodeMaterial TypeColourClip TypeBox ItemsSizeBoards HeldSuitability for
KT88GPCPowder-coated GalBlackTop-fix40553x60mm688mm ModWood
KT88GGalNaturalTop-fix40553x60mm688mm ModWood
KT88SPCPowder coated StainlessDark BrownTop-fix40553x60mm688mm ModWood
KT88SStainlessNaturalTop-fix40553x60mm688mm ModWood
KT137GPCPowder-coated GalBlackTop-fix40568x60mm4137mm ModWood
KT137GGalNaturalTop-fix40568x60mm4137mm ModWood
KT137SPCPowder-coated StainlessDark BrownTop-fix40568x60mm4137mm ModWood
KT137SStainlessNaturalTop-fix40568x60mm4137mm ModWood